December 20, 2019

Relaymed one of the top 10 healthcare apps of 2019!

Relaymed has been named one of the top 10 healthcare apps of 2019 by Allscripts. We were chosen as we…

Relaymed has been named one of the top 10 healthcare apps of 2019 by Allscripts. We were chosen as we are delivering smarter care for physician practices.

We’re honored to be named in the top 10 healthcare apps of 2019. It’s our mission to make point-of-care testing smarter and it’s great to be recognized for our efforts. We’re in the top 10 with some other pretty cool companies, all working to make healthcare smarter.

The Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) builds a culture of innovation by reducing barriers and risk associated with installing and using innovative healthcare technology. These solutions, like Relaymed, are then certified by Allscripts for use by their clients and made available on the Allscripts Application Store.

You can read about the top healthcare apps from the past year in the Allscripts eMagazine Next Now: Top Healthcare Apps of 2019. You’ll read not only how each can be used, but also how it brings value to the user — and ultimately, the patient.

Deliver smarter care

Relaymed provides automated workflows to deliver smarter care.

In a world where so many of our day-to-day tasks can now be streamlined with technology, why continue to struggle and persist with manual processes when solutions are available to automate workflows? Typing in-house lab results into the EHR is definitely not smart!

Smarter care is enabling clinical staff to focus on what matters most: providing amazing patient care.

Smarter care is eliminating paper printouts and ensuring the EHR is the single source of truth.

Smarter care is ensuring the provider has actionable information when they need it.

Smarter care means clinicians have more face time with patients, improving quality of care and clinical outcomes.

Smarter care means providing an excellent patient experience both in-office and through the patient portal.

Tomorrow’s ideas, today

We did a lot in 2019 — but in 2020 we’ll be doing even more!

Like to learn more? Read about our sophisticated interface with Allscripts.

Allscripts clients can learn more about Relaymed on the Allscripts Application Store.

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