May 12, 2022

Cape Regional Urgent Care: Complying with Mandated State Reporting

Cape Regional Urgent Care is a healthcare clinic in Cape May, New Jersey. Cape Regional provides prompt and professional walk-in…

Cape Regional Urgent Care is a healthcare clinic in Cape May, New Jersey. Cape Regional provides prompt and professional walk-in medical care to residents and visitors of Cape May County at their state-of-the-art urgent care centers.

We spoke with Sharlyce Peterson, the Director of Clinical Management for Cape Regional, to hear about her experience fighting through COVID-19.

Metrics at a Glance

  • 10+ hours of saved staff time a week
  • Testing volumes increased by 6x
  • Reduced wait time for results by 5 minutes per test

Current Set Up

  • 8 Quidel® Sofia® 2 instruments
  • Running 400+ tests per day
  • 59 Providers
  • Running Experity EHR

Challenge of COVID-19

In 2020, when COVID-19 hit, Cape Regional became the predominant source of infectious disease testing in their area. Testing volume soared to over 500 patients a day, mainly due to COVID-19 testing needs. With the increase in testing, Cape Regional moved their infectious disease testing onto a fleet of Quidel Sofias.

Due to the requirement to report all COVID-19 test results to the state of New Jersey, Cape Regional found itself with the burden of reporting hundreds of test results a day, all manually.

Practically in tears, I would spend around two or three hours every morning sitting at the computer manually entering all the demographic information. It was egregious, the most daunting task of my life.

Installing Relaymed

With the weight of the COVID-19 reporting, Cape Regional was desperately looking for a solution to automate their reporting processes. Relaymed’s state reporting was installed at Cape Regional in February of 2021. With Relaymed, Cape Regional was able to begin sending their tests to their EHR and to the state of New Jersey automatically with no manual work needed.

Once COVID hit Relaymed and our Sofia instruments became our best friends.

With the volume of patients that their practice was seeing, every minute mattered so the ability to run the tests on a device and have the result automatically sent to the EHR and the state instead of waiting for manual processes meant patients were in and out of the clinic faster.

Enabling Population Health Management for the Future

By combining the power of Relaymed’s connectivity with the accurate, objective and automated Sofia instruments, Cape Regional was able to reduce their workload by 10 hours a week while still accurately reporting their findings to the state.

As a primary testing facility for infectious disease in the area, the ability to properly report out their results to the state was vital to the community. Population health management has become more important than ever and reporting is the backbone to making accurate assessments of the health outcome of our society.

On a personal level I can’t imagine what my life would look like without Relaymed. But even more so, on the state and national level, reporting will continue to be essential for the progress of community health.

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