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The automated way to put lab results into your EHR. Relaymed middleware connects in-house lab testing devices to your EHR, automatically marrying results to orders in real-time.

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Putting your results in the EHR, automatically.

Relaymed seamlessly connects your point of care testing devices to your EHR and automatically matches results to orders.

Accurate, immediate data entry to eliminate dangerous errors, create time savings for your staff, and cost savings for your practice.

All about automation

Start your test. Walk away. Relaymed automatically transmits test results from your in-house lab devices to the patient chart. All your previous process steps are removed. With automation manual data entry of results into your EHR is eliminated and your workflow streamlined and efficiency optimized. 

This means that Relaymed delivers the test result to the provider instantly. There is no more waiting on someone to circle back to the device or enter the result. Results cross over to the EHR the moment the device completes the test. 

The myRelaymed portal features

QC management

Review, interact with and export all quality controls.


Give users access through an identity provider of your choice.

Result management

Review tests, manage errors and customize reports.

Manual test entry

Enter non-device tests to send to the EHR.

User management

Bulk upload and set customized permissions.

Help center

FAQs, product documentation and troubleshooting all in one place.