myRelaymed Portal

We know your top priority is to know that your tests made it to the EHR without issue. Our myRelaymed Portal provides clear visibility into every step within your testing workflow, ensuring you are never left in the dark wondering where a test result is. Easily navigate through setup processes and intuitive training, while maintaining control over your data with full access and quality control management. Our enhanced security measures guarantee your data stays protected, with customizable user roles and secure middleware.

Visualized workflows

We provide clear visibility for all areas of the testing workflow, settings and user management so you’ll never be left in the dark.

  • The test progress bar gives confirmation of your test’s arrival in the EHR and clarity on where an issue may have arisen.
  • A step-by-step process to set up EHR mapping to make sure results appear in your EHR how you want them to.
  • Inviting users follows a simple process with clear explanations of roles and access levels. Administrators can make changes to users individually or in bulk to make user audits easy.

Intuitive use

The myRelaymed Portal is structured to provide a quick dashboard overview of how your testing workflow is functioning while allowing you the ability to go to the section based on the job that needs to get done. 

  • The dashboard instantly gives you a high level overview of what is happening with your testing including any tests that need attention as well as how many tests have been successfully sent in the last 7 days.
  • With straightforward processes for how to create users, add devices to locations and manage your EHR connections, onboarding and training can be done quickly and without difficulty.

Control over your data

Full access to testing and quality control results to review and manage all of your data.

  • Errors happen, in Action Required you can rectify any tests that need attention before sending to the EHR.
  • Within Saved Tests you can audit all tests that have come through the Relaymed cloud and pull reports based on a variety of filters.
  • Within the Quality Controls overview you can not only pull a report of all QCs that have been run, but also interact with the data by accepting, rejecting or editing the results.

If you’d like to review tests before sending them to the EHR, within Pending Tests you can review tests that have been set to need approval.

Enhanced Security

A secure middleware also means the ability to manage users and locations so data is only seen by the right people with the right privileges.

  • User management allows for a variety of roles that offer different levels of access, including an IT only role that prohibits access to PHI.
  • User access can be set by location so users can only see the subset of data that is relevant to them.

Scalable for enterprise

The myRelaymed Portal offers features built for enterprise to ensure our solution provides complete control across multiple locations, hundreds of operators and hundreds of tests. 

  • Single-sign-on gives your users access to the myRelaymed Portal through an Identity Provider (such as Microsoft Azure or Okta) of your choice. Relaymed will be embedded within your enterprise application suite, giving you control over your security. 
  • You can switch between different EHR connections while still within one account, just like switching between profiles on a streaming service.

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