Clarity Platinum

Connect the Clarity Platinum to your EHR!

Clarity Platinum

The new Clarity Platinum urinalysis analyzer is the only point of care urinalysis analyzer with built-in networking. Relaymed has partnered with Clarity to bring affordable connectivity for the Platinum urine analyzer to the physician office laboratory. Now you can create a seamless and secure connection in real time with your electronic health record (EHR).

Test types available by the Platinum

  • 10-SG

Built-in end-to-end connectivity

The Clarity Platinum is the only POC urinalysis analyzer with built-in networking which eliminates the need to purchase expensive adaptors to make networking happen. No additional hardware or software required to complete the Relaymed connection.

Increased accuracy

By combining the power of result automation from Relaymed with the included barcode reader from the Clarity Platinum, all human error is eliminated. 

Improve workflow and reduce burnout

With Relaymed, results run on the Clarity Platinum are sent immediately to providers, allowing providers to make treatment decisions faster and freeing up time for staff to complete other task

Focus on patient care

You didn’t go into healthcare to manage time-consuming administrative tasks. Luckily for you, we went into healthcare with a mission to automate! Relaymed eliminates the time wasted from staff waiting and then manually entering results. Relaymed eliminates the time wasted for providers not having the results in the EHR while with the patient. This allows you to focus on the higher-value work you went into healthcare for.

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