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Millions of tests are sent through Relaymed every year, we’d like to share some things we’ve learned. See how the in office point of care (POC) testing landscape looked in 2023, with data across a variety of medical speciality areas spanning the United States.

  • Diagnostic testing infographics
  • Medical practice case study
  • Physician time spend analysis

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Whats Included?

Insights and analysis of point of care testing trends throughout 2023. Including diagnostic testing type figures and EHR testing trends from our platform. We work with all the market leading device and EHR vendors and foster and nurture Deep Technical Partnerships. The Relaymed platform boasts 84 device connections and 25 compatible EHRs and counting!

Learn how to automate and error-proof your point of care testing workflow, to avoid wasted time and resources.

Common testing types and frequencies

Trends within point of care (POC) testing

Average time wasted by physicians on manual data entry

EHR and device connectivity developments

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