Test types available by the CLINITEK Advantus

  • Microalbumin 9
  • Multistix
  • Multistix 10SG
  • Multistix 8SG
  • Multistix 9
  • Multistix 9SG
  • Multistix Pro 10LS

Why Relaymed?

Relaymed is a complement to our existing industry leading POC Informatics portfolio and will specifically address needs for the physician office market.

By eliminating the manual input step, Siemens aims to reduce errors in patient EHRs as well as the potential for revenue loss resulting from unsaved and unbilled tests:

By enabling the delivery of patient results directly to EHR systems, we address a variety of manual-input challenges that trouble our customers, including discrepancies in reporting that ultimately can affect reimbursement.

This partnership ensures our clients benefit from our close collaboration with optimized efficiency, so they can provide better care. As the physician office market continues to consolidate, healthcare systems face overwhelming pressure to grow revenue and increase efficiency. Relaymed is the affordable solution that helps them address this, whilst also ensuring data integrity across their system

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