March 28, 2020

Relaymed launches interface for Abbott point-of-care coronavirus (COVID-19) test

We’re delighted to announce today that Relaymed has launched an interface for the new molecular point-of-care test from Abbott for…

We’re delighted to announce today that Relaymed has launched an interface for the new molecular point-of-care test from Abbott for the detection of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The test will run on the Abbott ID NOW platform, one of the most popular devices in use by our customers today.

This can be a game changer, as people need results, faster.

Positive COVID-19 results in the EHR in as little as 5 minutes

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the detection of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Abbott ID NOW platform.

Abbott ID NOW

Positive results will be delivered in as little as five minutes, whereupon Relaymed will automatically save the result into the EHR. Negative results are delivered within 13 minutes.

Now that’s what we call fast.

COVID-19 testing on the front lines

This will bring rapid COVID-19 testing to the front lines, into physician offices and urgent care centers, where it is needed. These are the healthcare settings where people show up for care. An accurate, rapid test delivered close to the patient, outside of hospitals, will be transformative to help alleviate the pressure on the healthcare system.

Abbott and Relaymed partnership

Relaymed has worked in close partnership with Abbott over the weekend to ensure that our service can fully support this new COVID-19 test, out of the gate. This speed and agility is testament to both our partnership and the cloud platform we deploy on.

If you’re an existing Relaymed customer, it will just work. When test kits ship next week from Abbott, you’ll be able to implement this into your workflow immediately.

Automate your COVID-19 testing

Now this is a test result that’s imperative to be recorded correctly in the EHR. We cannot let human error sneak in. Not just for the sake of the individual patient, but their family and wider community as we’re all in this together. By using Relaymed though, you can guarantee it is.

Furthermore, this is a test result that must be available as fast as possible, with no delay in getting to the EHR. Manual transcription simply won’t do here, it needs to be automated.

This is the part we can play to help healthcare settings cope through this challenging time and fight this virus, by connecting your in-house lab — for both your existing testing and the new workload from COVID-19 testing.

And once in the EHR, not only can their physician review it, so too can the patient in their patient portal. And population health management, that’s enabled too by ensuring the EHR is the central data repository and single source of truth. That’s a lot of value being delivered by connectivity.

So if you’re not yet a customer, we’re here to help. Make Relaymed part of your COVID-19 relief package and let’s use this time to get you connected. And crucially at this time of limited resource, setup is fast and easy so you’ll gain the time savings immediately.

Get the inside look on how we can help and request a 1:1 demo now.

We can do this

These are challenging times but we will ‘science our way out of this’. As is already being demonstrated by Abbott and the incredible work they’ve done to produce this new COVID-19 test.


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