May 12, 2023

The Importance of Quality Controls For Effective POC Data Management

We persistently talk about the benefits of improving lab workflows through POC connectivity. We also know that there is more…

We persistently talk about the benefits of improving lab workflows through POC connectivity. We also know that there is more to POC automation than improving patient workflow efficiency and we want to talk about. Of course, more time with patients is extremely valuable but we’d be remiss to underplay the importance of staying on top of quality controls (QCs).

Don’t forget about quality controls!

Lab tests influence 70% of medical decisions. Therefore, it’s imperative you can trust results to be accurate and reliable. Performing QCs gives you the confidence that they are.

That’s why you should remember to perform QCs. The reason you must perform QCs is because it’s a CLIA requirement to have a log of QCs that can be easily retrieved. Without complete QC logs, your practice could face serious consequences following a regulatory audit, which is harmful to your reputation and revenue.

In fact, AACC ranks a lack of QC logs as #5 in their Top 10 Lab Deficiencies (plus #7 is labs failing to review cumulative QC data). This is due to the numerous in-practice labs that overlook the importance of keeping and maintaining an accurate log of QCs from their POC devices.

The good news is that you don’t need to shell out on an expensive and overcomplicated laboratory information system (LIS) — Relaymed automates this process with seamless simplicity so that all your bases are covered.

Automation for CLIA compliance

Paper records should to be in the past — it’s not the 1980’s! It’s impossible to stay on top of them, especially across multiple locations, and they are a constant pain point. But going digital is not enough, automation is necessary for the process of managing POC testing so that you not only provide the best possible care but remain CLIA compliant.

Relaymed captures all QCs conducted through connected devices and automatically logs them. With this assurance and visibility, you can harness QC reports to learn from trends and patterns, by device, location, date and time. These can also be downloaded so you can play with your data!

This can help you to identify problems such as reagent and test kit deterioration, equipment failure, environmental conditions, and human error. This goes a long way to ensuring your lab is working effectively while ensuring CLIA compliance — and improving care.

Relaymed ensures that all QCs across all locations can be easily viewed remotely on our web portal. This gives you the ability to review and manage all locations performing testing from your desk!

Relaymed simplifies the whole process and gives you less to think about than in the old chaotic world of POC data management!

Now’s the time to change

Forget paper printouts for Quality Controls. Forget audit anxiety. Relaymed is the POC data management solution that protects you from these issues. CLIA compliance is greatly important and now it’s easier than ever before.

Find out more about how Relaymed can help your lab workflows, as well as the straightforward onboarding process and commitment to customer care. Request a 1:1 demo today with one of our specialists.

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