May 3, 2017

Optimize efficiency with automated lab workflows and POC connectivity

As a practice manager, your job is hard enough as it is. So finding tools that will optimize efficiency of…

As a practice manager, your job is hard enough as it is. So finding tools that will optimize efficiency of certain processes and improve workflow in your office can make dramatic gains.

POC informatics are revolutionizing point-of-care testing by removing the mundane task of manually entering data from devices. However, that’s not all they’re capable of – their benefits are profound and optimize efficiency across the board. As a practice manager, having robust, efficient processes is essential to staying competitive by reducing costs and increasing quality.

POC informatics work with your existing EHR workflow. This means that you get the right data, in the right place, at the right time. Here’s how else they optimize efficiency:

They’re easy to use

POC informatics seamlessly integrate with a range of devices and EHR workflows. All you have to do is run your tests as you do today and the cloud-based software does the rest. The results will be instantly saved, securely and accurately in your EHR. No typing, no clicking, just a pain-free automated process.

It saves time

It can sometimes take up to 10 minutes for results to get to the EHR. Staff members can’t always get to it immediately, they might have to do things like venipunctures or make and receive calls from the reference lab.

Automated point-of-care testing improves the efficiency of medical professionals, giving them time to focus on more important tasks: like caring for patients.

If you add together time spent documenting results and travelling from the lab to enter the results into a computer, you could save hours of staff time a day. It not only saves staff time – the provider often has to wait for the result, which is very costly due to their higher salary.

They optimize efficiency of the healthcare provider

In healthcare, efficiency equates to lowering the amount of process steps. By cutting out unnecessary steps, you can improve workflow, optimize the use of staff and equipment, improve quality, and allow personnel to spend more time on productive tasks. In addition, this technology can also improve metrics like turnaround times and general quality of service. Since results are always immediately available, you might even have time to see an extra patient per day.

Clinic productivity is more efficient

When seeing a patient, the provider cannot release the room until the results have been analyzed and discussed with the patient. And with the room being inaccessible, the nurse cannot carry on with pre-visit planning like checking vitals and asking all the necessary questions before the provider sees the next patient. By using automated point-of-care testing, you can speed things up and avoid having patients waiting.

They improve the patient experience

Point-of-care testing is often correlated with increased patient satisfaction, and as patient engagement becomes more important, it’s important to do this effectively. Since doctors will have more time to spend with patients, the quality of service and patient outcomes will improve. You’ll be able to attract more patients in the long run.

If you want to optimize efficiency in your practice, request a demo and revolutionize the way you do point-of-care testing today.

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