August 3, 2018

Looking to replace Merge LIS?

With Merge LIS scheduled for sunsetting at the end of the year, many users are facing the prospect of finding…

With Merge LIS scheduled for sunsetting at the end of the year, many users are facing the prospect of finding a replacement. The question is, do you actually need a replacement laboratory information system (LIS)?

The usual suspects will come into consideration — LimitLIS, LabDaq and Orchard Software. Thing is, these offerings are much the same as Merge LIS, involving all the same problems, costs and complexities that, most likely, created headaches within your point-of-care testing (POCT) workflow. There is a better, more appropriate alternative to the LIS.

Relaymed is the LIS alternative. It delivers all of the features that you need to run efficient and accurate POCT but without the associated complexity and back-breaking cost. If you need to replace Merge LIS, now is the perfect time to look to this seamless POC connectivity alternative.

Changing software within existing workflows is a big decision that can have a significant impact on your laboratory. However, with Relaymed, you don’t need to worry about anything. For running POC testing, it is far superior to any LIS. Why?

Affordable alternative to Merge LIS

Relaymed is cloud-based, meaning that there’s no need for costly on-premise servers in order to equip it into your POC workflow. Plus, as a subscription as a service (SaaS) solution, there are no gigantic upfront costs — just an affordable and scalable monthly payment, with no hidden fees.

Automated Point of Care Software Solution

Connected devices transmit every test result to the EHR with 100% accuracy — automatically and instantly. There is no user intervention required, making Relaymed the ultimate in workflow efficiency. Through this process, no test result is left undocumented, ensuring complete records for billing purposes. Quality Control (QC) logs are also completed automatically, saving you from unwanted audit anxiety.

Easy to implement

Onboarding could hardly be simpler and can be completed in 5 days, or less if you’re super organized! It doesn’t matter if you previously had an LIS in place — Relaymed is it’s own thing entirely and can be set-up simply, and inexpensively, just about anywhere.

By connecting your POC and in-house lab testing devices directly to the EHR, Relaymed produces an instant improvement to your POC workflow. This comes with an instant return on investment by allowing staff to focus on value-adding tasks. With accurate and complete results and QC logs, you will protect revenues from potential penalties that come from regulatory and payor audits. And, as we’re always looking ahead, we have developed all the features that you will need with our forthcoming Levey-Jennings reports.

Become Another Former Merge LIS User

We have already helped numerous former Merge LIS users transition smoothly and successfully to Relaymed. And they are delighted with the results. Really, it’s no wonder — the process is extremely simple and easily affordable while saving them tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours in staff time.

Furthermore, re-training staff to use Relaymed is more a case of informing them that they now have less to do than a totally new workflow to worry about. Relaymed is invisible middleware — it takes away much of the needless hassle that lab staff endure on a daily basis. And if you need help, our onboarding specialists are there to assist so you are always completely covered.

Schedule a 1:1 online demo with our team and learn more about Relaymed today. They’ll walk you through everything that you need to know.

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