June 13, 2018

THE only practical & scalable LIS Alternative for Enterprise Organizations

The balancing act of improving care while keeping costs down is a constant encumbrance for healthcare — especially enterprise organizations….

The balancing act of improving care while keeping costs down is a constant encumbrance for healthcare — especially enterprise organizations. Gaining control of both in-house patient test and quality control results presents a number of difficulties.

Through expansion, acquisition, association and shared risk, enterprise organizations generally have multiple physician offices to manage. One of the key difficulties in this demographic of acquisitions is a lack of standardized workflows and equipment across each location, particularly with regards to running point-of-care (POC) testing.

In order to manage POC effectively, enterprise organizations often turn to a laboratory information system (LIS) for help. However, implementing and scaling an LIS, across multiple locations, is more trouble than it’s worth due to the high cost and complexity involved. They simply aren’t designed for ambulatory care or potential scaling up in mind. Due to their complexity, training an entire staff on how to use an LIS is an ordeal that no organization should have to go through.

Through managing multiple locations we have also seen the development of a sensation we call the ‘sneakernet’. ‘Sneakernet’ was coined in reference to the POC coordinators that have to run to multiple locations across their organization to ensure in-house patient tests are being run correctly and quality control (QC) tests are being documented and tracked — an unbelievable amount of hassle in our modern age. Relaymed can create a network of POC compliance throughout your organization, delivering operational visibility for every location. So no need to get your Nikes on!

Relaymed, on the other hand, is an LIS alternative that is specifically designed to scale in line with enterprise organizations. It is user-friendly, affordable, and can standardize POC workflow and complete data management across an entire organization. In seamless fashion.

The issues with the LIS

Launching an LIS in an enterprise organization comes with 3 key issues:

  1. Lack of scalability
  2. Huge IT overhead
  3. Vast training effort

Due to their lack of scalability, an organization must commit outright to the LIS of their choosing — and they come with a huge price tag. On top of this, in a climate of acquisition, adding new locations to an enterprise organization will require more scaling up, which an LIS isn’t built for. This creates unwanted additional costs and a significant training effort just to standardize workflows across existing and acquired locations.

You don't need an LIS

Once an LIS is launched, there is a substantial IT overhead involved in maintaining it. It can account for as much of an IT burden as effectively running an EHR throughout the organization, which is an onerous addition to daily workload.

A key, undesirable trait of any new software installation is staff training. Due to the notorious complexity of the LIS, a lot (and we mean A LOT) of training is required in order to get staff up to speed. Delivering this training across an entire enterprise organization is frankly unrealistic and achieving a standardized workflow is, therefore, all but unreachable.

The bottom line: for POC data management, an LIS involves far more trouble and cost than it’s worth.

Relaymed, on the other hand

Relaymed was designed to scale. You can start at a single location (to get a first-hand understanding of the benefits) and roll out from there. Piloting is easy and affordable, allowing you to launch from a single location, to begin with. Once Relaymed is live at this location, you can quickly network all locations in your enterprise with ease. There is no ceiling to this — we’re talking hundreds, even thousands of locations, as necessary.

The same applies to devices. There is no additional cost involved with adding more devices thanks to our agnostic approach. We are vendor neutral and able to work with any device manufacturer across all locations of your enterprise.

Also, there is minimal IT overhead. With Relaymed, it’s really a case of install and forget. While it works away in the background, the only thing staff will notice is that they no longer have to worry about POC results.

As for training? Well, Relaymed’s intuitive design means that training is kept to a minimum. All it takes is a short webinar and staff will be up to speed. This is provided by Relaymed, as part of the package, and on an ongoing basis should new staff need to be brought up to speed.

What else does it offer?

There’s so much more than POC automation Relaymed can bring to enterprise organizations that an LIS or manual methods don’t come close to.

For starters, as if being a POC coordinator in ambulatory care wasn’t hard enough, working across the ‘sneakernet’ of multiple locations adds a load of unnecessary difficulty. Relaymed creates a network of POC compliance throughout an enterprise, providing total operational visibility.

Through establishing a Relaymed network, you can also achieve a standardized, streamlined workflow throughout your organization. This increases potential throughput while ensuring the quality of care throughout the organization is of a consistently high standard. Furthermore, this completely eradicates transcription errors which creates huge benefits when audits come around.

Remaining compliant with CLIA, through QC capture, is a key issue organizations face when providing POC. Relaymed ensures that all QCs are captured from devices and provides reporting functionality to track them, so your enterprise remains fully compliant with regulation. While this provides a huge benefit during CLIA audits, it benefits payor audits also, as all test results are guaranteed to be collected in the EHR and matched to the correct patient with total security. Correspondingly, as all results are documented, billing is complete with no revenue leakage.

Drive significant, measurable ROI

All this and so much more when you choose to manage POC with Relaymed. While small primary care practices can benefit greatly from implementing Relaymed into their POC workflow, these benefits are multiplied for enterprise organizations, driving a significant and measurable ROI.

We work with the leading EHRs and POC devices and could be bringing these benefits to your practice in 5 days, or less.

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