January 18, 2018

Relaymed & athenahealth: partnering to improve patient care

Relaymed is partnered with athenahealth MDP, making it easier than ever before for their growing network of over 106,000 healthcare…

Relaymed is partnered with athenahealth MDP, making it easier than ever before for their growing network of over 106,000 healthcare providers to discover the efficiency benefits that Relaymed brings to point-of-care workflows. This partnership was built through the More Disruption Please (MDP) program that athenahealth has initiated in order to improve clinical effectiveness throughout the healthcare industry.

Automating Clinical Device Integration

Clinical device integration is a rapidly expanding trend across the healthcare industry and the efficiency gains can markedly improve patient experience and revenues. Automating point-of-care testing does exactly this, by cutting out the manual labor involved in the process of running tests such as urinalysis, influenza and CBC. Once a test is run from a device, the results appear immediately in the athenahealth EHR. As athenahealth recognize the value that this brings to primary care practices, they have made it easier for their clients to access the benefits through the athenahealth EHR.

Working in Synergy with athenahealth MDP

Relaymed and athenahealth share a common goal: we free you up to focus on what matters most.

By reducing the time spent on running point-of-care testing, doctors have more valuable time with patients. This common goal has produced a partnership that allows both of our solutions to work in perfect synergy, optimizing point-of-care testing for our clients.

A staggering 54% of US physicians have claimed to experience ‘professional burnout’ during their careers, a fact that forms the basis of the athenahealth MDP program — improve the way that practices function through the introduction of new technologies. Relaymed has been selected by athenahealth because it can help to ease professional burnout. By reducing the administrative burden on a practice, doctors will experience less delays when waiting on results and be less likely to drawn out of an appointment to chase them up. Their practice then runs far more smoothly, which reduces daily stress in turn. So, let’s let doctors be doctors and put an end to this.

Relaymed is recognized by athenahealth as the top solution for clinical device integration and, as a result, can be accessed through their marketplace.

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But before listing us, athenahealth did their due diligence, ensuring that Relaymed is 100% reliable.

We have been security tested, piloted and certified by athenahealth MDP in order to bring this partnership to the market. This ensures that Relaymed does exactly what we say we do: we work in sync with the athenahealth EHR to improve workflow efficiency while remaining HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CSF assured, in order to ensure total security also. So, practices can begin automating point-of-care tests on common CLIA waived and non-waived devices, including the CLINITEK Status and Quidel Sofia 2, with total peace of mind.

athenahealth + Relaymed: How it works

When we state that Relaymed is built with simplicity in mind, we really mean it. Our EHR integration works seamlessly with athenahealth, which means that utilizing it in your practice requires minimal effort. Once you have checked the patient in via your EHR, all you have to do is run a test on their sample through a connected device and the results are transmitted through our cloud, appearing instantly in the EHR. Then all you have to do is care for your patient by advising them on the clinical outcomes from their results. No clicks, no typing, no effort. It’s that simple. Really.

Together, we let doctors be doctors. Read more about our athenahealth integration here.

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