July 10, 2018

Relaymed creates total lab solution with Abbott i-STAT interface

Relaymed is delighted to announce that we are now in partnership with Abbott Point of Care, in support of the…

Relaymed is delighted to announce that we are now in partnership with Abbott Point of Care, in support of the Abbott i-STAT System. We are now offering the physician office lab previously unprecedented access to a total lab connectivity software solution.

Relaymed Total Lab Solution

Abbott i-STAT

We have established a full connection to the Abbott i-STAT system, bringing tests such as blood gasses, electrolytes, chemistries, coagulation, hematology and cardiac markers to our automated point-of-care testing workflow.

Throughout the process of partnering with Abbott on their i-STAT system, we have worked closely to make the interface as seamless as possible. As it offers Abbott’s primary care clients more value for money, Relaymed is a product that they are proud to partner with.

Relaymed & Abbott: Accelerating Patient Care

We are excited to interface with the i-STAT — a single, integrated point-of-care testing solution, that already offers so much value to in-house lab workflows. The i-STAT system accelerates the patient care decision-making process. Results pass through the Abbott i-STAT within 2-minutes, allowing for instant critical decision-making capability at the point of care.

Within this process, Relaymed offers expediency to the data exchange. We ensure that results are instantly transmitted to the EHR, allowing physicians to continue appointments armed with everything they need to inform diagnosis. Vitally, the integration of Relaymed into this workflow eradicates the need for a complicated and prohibitively expensive laboratory information system (LIS). If you are an Abbott client, an LIS isn’t what you need to manage in-house lab testing. Read more about why you do not need and should avoid using a laboratory information system or LIS.

For existing Abbott clients, the expense of an LIS or other data management solution has undoubtedly caused some concern. As they are built for acute care and require expensive servers, they simply won’t work in most primary care settings. Relaymed, on the other hand, is specifically designed for primary and ambulatory care and is now tailor-made for an i-STAT data management workflow. Through our partnership, we have worked to ensure that implementing and utilizing Relaymed is seamless. This extends to the process of onboarding, which is equally as efficient as using Relaymed. We already work alongside all leading EHRs to provide seamless integration into any POC workflow, no matter the EHR you use.

Relaymed is for you

With a full connection to the Abbott i-STAT system, Relaymed is now the data management solution for their primary care clients. Discover more about Relaymed by visiting our benefits page. Now that we are partnered with Abbott, we’re not just a POC connectivity solution for their clients, we are the first affordable, automated solution.

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