Relaymed and athenahealth

Relaymed can supercharge your point-of-care testing workflow with athenahealth. Our seamless athenaOne integration maximizes efficiency by removing the delay and danger of manual entry by automatically putting results into the chart for you instead. As an athenahealth Marketplace partner you can be assured of a solution that works as promised. And don’t just take our word for it, you can read the 5 star customer reviews that backs that up. See how Relaymed can help you focus on patient care by scheduling a demo.

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Seamless Integration with your Point of Care Workflow

You’re motivated to find a solution that’s easy to use and does not disrupt your established processes. Relaymed is designed to integrate seamlessly with both athenahealth and your current workflow, eliminating any struggle or need to retrain staff. Our streamlined integration and user friendly solution ensures a minimal learning curve and fast onboarding times while prioritizing the optimization of your organization.

Relaymed’s integration with athenahealth

Mimics manual entry

Think of Relaymed as a member of your staff! The key difference is it completely replaces all the manual work they used to perform to enter a result. Exactly what they would have produced, is now automated. Imagine your result tables now filling out effortlessly as if by magic!

Everything downstream remains

The familiar appearance and layout of your EHR remains unchanged. Anywhere you look for results now, you’ll still find them. Any provider notifications you currently get will still be delivered. The integration truly is seamless.

View results in all formats

As results are transmitted directly as discrete data they are available in table, graph and document formats. Whatever display you have configured and expect is supported.

Imagine your result tables now filling out effortlessly as if by magic!

We are one of the top rated apps on the athenahealth Marketplace!

Proud to be an Accelerate Partner

We’re honored to be awarded as an Accelerate tier partner by athenahealth and listed on their Marketplace — showcasing Relaymed as one of the most innovative and popular apps available. We extend athenahealth products and allow customers to create enhanced experiences to support their clinical device integration needs. 

Check out our reviews which give us an average customer rating of 4.9 stars.

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